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Ben and Jerry's San Francisco Poster*Oh snap! A photo a day for 365 days. My 365Project – A daily digital diary.*

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The photo sharing website, Pinterest has already been used by businesses for creating communities, increasing product familiarity and bolstering their social media campaigns.

Now companies will be able to create business accounts with their name, instead of first and surnames. Their photo boards will be able to earn a ‘verified’ badge by embedding their websites with hidden code which, in turn is recognised by the Pinterest system.

Is this a sure sign that the image-rich website will be monetised in the near future? It was revealed that 97% of the personal accounts on Pinterest are held by women, so companies already have a clear demographic at their fingertips.

On the website, the question of how they make money is answered with a vague response: “In the past, we’ve tested a few different approaches to making money such as affiliate links. We might also try adding advertisements, but we haven’t…

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