Fall Favs: Shoe, For Kids, Film, Dude & Clothes


A friend asked me to make this “Fall Favorites” list today. I couldn’t resist sharing as these are giving me the serious FEELS. 

What are you looking forward to this coming season? Let’s get #RoyallSocial!

❤️ Tracy

Shoe – Gucci’s metallic gold loafer. It’s on my wish list and it’s eternal perfection paired with anything. One day…

Kids – This book has been a huge hit in getting little ones into reading. I love it for sending as a gift. 

Film The Accountant is going to be amazing this Fall. And not just because my super-talented friend, Jon Bernthal is starring in it (Although he is one of the best actors in the biz).

Dudes – OK, I picked my hubby, Kevin. He’s such an amazing man. He’s a retired Navy SEAL who parlayed his military life into becoming one of the most sought-after consultants in Hollywood (See IMDB!). He’s extremely humble, hardworking and the love of my life. 

Clothes – I’m on the hunt for the perfect emerald green faux fur stole. This item can transform any outfit, outerwear into the chicest look. Hit me up if you find it! 🙆🏾

(PS – all artwork done via cellie. 💋)

APPLE’S ANNOUNCEMENT RUINED: Is this the first video of a real iPhone 6?



Apple’s event this coming Tuesday hasn’t been much of a surprise for industry-watchers. However, it appears that a working iPhone 6 has made its way into the hands of an Apple fan who has started posting pictures and videos of the device on a Chinese site. The phone and software don’t seem to be edited in any way and this very much is the real deal.

We can see a new Passbook icon which features a magnetic credit card at the top, assumingly for the fact you are now going to be able to pay using your iOS devices everywhere you go. Let’s hope there is still a surprise come Tuesday, though I personally think this is going to be the biggest and most important Apple event in a long time. You can view the video here.

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IKEA Channels Apple in a Hilarious Ad for Its New Catalog ‘Bookbook’


This BRILLZ! 🙋


There’s a reason the items you see in an IKEA catalog look so ridiculously appealing — it’s because the Swedish furniture chain uses 3D rendering technology to create digital models of the products.

To play on the fact that browsing an IKEA catalog is a sort of holistic sensory experience, the company has created this clever new ad, which skewers Apple’s notoriouslyover-the-top product commercials. The result is hilarious, and the jokes really just write themselves.

“The 2015 IKEA catalog comes fully charged, and the battery is eternal,” says an exec named Jörgen Eghammer, also know as Chief Design Güru. He explains that this catalog is not a digital book or an e-book, but a bookbook. “The navigation is based on tactile touch technology that you can actually feel,” he adds.

We’ve seen plenty of good Apple commercial parodies before, but IKEA definitely gets major points for this…

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#WWWSummer30 Challenge: Go For An All White Look


#WWWSummer30 Challenge: Go For An All White Look

There are so many great ways to pull off white. And you can go crazy with your favorite shoe, if you wanted to make it the star of the ensemble. Best of all, everyone looks great in his non-color color. Shop my picks to get in on this everlasting trend. -> http://po.st/summer30day6