#WWWSummer30 Challenge: Go For An All White Look


#WWWSummer30 Challenge: Go For An All White Look

There are so many great ways to pull off white. And you can go crazy with your favorite shoe, if you wanted to make it the star of the ensemble. Best of all, everyone looks great in his non-color color. Shop my picks to get in on this everlasting trend. -> http://po.st/summer30day6


Day 3 Challenge: Wear An Exotic Print


Day 3 Challenge: Wear An Exotic Print

This top isn’t as “exotic” as the one @WhoWhatWear is using for their 3rd day challenge but I do love it. Every time I put it on I “feel a little funky” – in a good way. See my blog to purchase saucy alternatives. http://po.st/summer30day3

City Girl Style


If I could I would walk around in this all the time. It’s sassy, comfy, non-revealing yet hot.

  • Color makes me happy so the orange wristband is necessary
  • An oversized tote carries my life: cell, pens, crossword puzzle, book, lip gloss, breath mints
  • Draping a striped tee over a lightweight sweatshirt mixed with red denim – luscious
  • And the shoe walks-the-walk for ultimate attitude
  • I never go the week without my non-fat hazelnut latte

What do you think?

76 GBP – matchesfashion.com
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